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Where do I see myself 10 years from now?

    10 years from now? Where do I see myself by that time? Uhm actually I only have few plans,  to find a job that is suited with the degree that I have finished and apply all the things that I have learned at SPUP, to have an stabled job and to have a family. I would be in U.S by then. Because it is where my mom want us to go and live.  I believe into myself that I maybe able to have all the dreams I dreamed for me and for my family. 10 years from now I am already one of the employees with a high position in an IT companies.

    Was my learning in SPUP vital to where I'm leading to? Of course yes, with 8 years of staying in SPUP, it already filled a big part of me. Since High school I already learn a lot of good things from my school. And I chose to study here because of the quality education that they were providing, I'm proud to be a graduate of SPUP because it really helps me to transform into a better person. All the good things I have learned in SPUP will stay forever in me and carry it wherever I go. Because for me SPUP is my school, my home and my family.

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